The Long Road Back by James Dick
The Long Road Back by James Dick

James Dick

The Long Road Back by James Dick

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From the author of Summers at Old Nags Head, The Long Road Back is the story of a Confederate soldier released from prisoner of war incarceration at Point Lookout, Maryland and his travel back to his home in Currituck County, North Carolina. He finds work at various stops along the way to stay alive while learning valuable skills and realizing he truly loves making his living on the water. He gains success, while suffering trials and tribulations as he ultimately realizes that there is someone much greater to whom he must turn.

The story uses real history as a background for a cast of fictional characters who represent the traits of courage, hard work and persistence noted in the history of the people of North Carolina's Inner and Outer Banks. Those subsistence hunters, fishermen, farmers and a few small merchants on those beautiful beaches, farms, wetlands and swamps are isolated by extensive bodies of water. They labored hard to overcome the trying days after the war and during the Reconstruction. It made them tougher, wiser and also sometimes entrepreneurial in order to survive and ultimately prosper.

The book contains adventure, intrigue, storms, corruption and fraud, death, birth, pain, sadness and joy which leads the principal character to ultimately determine what he should do with his free will. It is an ongoing learning experience which will set the stage for him to enter the next phase of life's travels: The Long Road to the Future.

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