The Ghost Fixer by Suzi Albacht
The Ghost Fixer by Suzi Albacht
The Ghost Fixer by Suzi Albacht

Suzi Albracht

The Ghost Fixer by Suzi Albacht

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Hey… Jordan here. I’m a dead guy hanging out in a closet at the hospital, because I refused the direct super shuttle to Heaven. You see my wife was injured in the car accident that took my life but I stayed earthbound, determined to get her help. Now I’m a ghost hanging out in the OBX.

These days I keep watch over my still living wife and spend rest of my time helping the dead deal with their untimely demises and unresolved issues. I had been a hot lick doctor before my untimely demise, so the job is right up my alley. I’m known as The Ghost Fixer.

At first, it was a fun gig, but now a case has come along that’s got the rumor mills burning and my ghost peeps panicking. It seems a Gloomy’s been snatching up some of our people and whisking them out of town. Now my fellow ghosts in the OBX are expecting me to bring our people home.

As you can see, my dead life’s super complicated. My ghost friends are disappearing like wisps of summer rain, and my wife’s going into labor. I’d say my dead life’s heating up.

The Ghost Fixer is Book 3 in An OBX Haunting, also available: 

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