Summers at Old Nags Head by James Dick
Summers at Old Nags Head by James Dick

James Dick

Summers at Old Nags Head by James Dick

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Imagine a young boy sitting on the low dunes overlooking a beautiful beach on the Atlantic shore. He watches the deep blue sea and its waves continue the constant march of reshaping the beach as it has done since time began. Suddenly, a geyser of water erupts on the sea. It suggests a shark has made contact with his mortal enemy, the porpoise, and is likely dead from the pummeling taken. Meanwhile, dogs run free and jeeps drive by while families gather seashells or watch in amazement as a sand-fiddler comes out of his hole on the beach looking for his next meal. The boy is excited as he thinks about the coming bonfire and the burnt marshmallows that he will enjoy in the evening.

A nice scene isn’t it, but is it imagination? No, it’s the way things were at Old Nags Head in the 1950s on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. How do I know? I know because I was that boy and this is my story. Open the pages and experience the joy for yourself. They truly were “Glory Days” at Old Nags Head.

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