Siren of Diamond Shoals by Suzi Albacht
Siren of Diamond Shoals by Suzi Albacht

Suzi Albracht

Siren of Diamond Shoals by Suzi Albacht

Drunk pirates have kidnapped a young lady. A murderous Siren has secreted human bones in a chest. All that stands in their way is a love-struck ghost and his friends.

“I’m finding that being a ghost is complicated. Just two days ago I was thinking of grabbing a few beach days before I started my new assistant transition angel gig. Instead, I found myself scrambling to organize a rescue mission because some pirates had kidnapped one of our young ladies. I admit it was freaking me out. I mean none of us are fighters, and drunk pirates are dangerous. So I had to devise a strategy to scare the bejesus out of them without endangering my people. I know it will work but how in the world can I convince T.L. to slap on some KISS make-up and those towering heels?

So, let’s just say my plan works. Even after we get our girl back home, I still have to find a way to trick Moira, the Siren of Diamond Shoals, out of the bones she has locked in a chest in her dungeon. Why? Because those are the bones of my friends’ husbands. We can’t just let her have them. And then there is Blackbeard. He jumped me in a parking lot last night. He was picking tobacco from his teeth, flicking it at my feet and claiming he has our backs, but you know how pirates lie. See what I mean?  Major complications. Meanwhile, I am living a lie ... I’m still talking to my wife…by phone. Sometimes… I drop in and just watch her. No, I am not a stalker. I know I should leave her to live her life, but I need to be with her… I love her. We want to be together. Yeah, being a ghost is not what I thought it would be… not by a long shot.”

If you only read one book this month, this book should be it because it will be your secret pleasure read of the year. There is more romance, adventure, intrigue, ghosts, and pirates in this book than one book should be allowed to handle. If you believe in the power of love and life after death, you will enjoy this book. And if you loved Jordan in A Love Haunting, you’ll love him after reading this book.

The Siren of Diamond Shoals is Book 2 in An OBX Haunting Series:

A Love Haunting 

The Ghost Fixer

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