Mom Fuel Mug


Mom Fuel Mug

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3 ¼" D x 4" H (16 Ounces)

Product Description:
Everybody knows that being a mother is a difficult and often thankless task, so every mom needs just a little more energy! Why not get the Mom Fuel Mug for your lovely studio customers? Coffee, tea, whatever your customers like, Moms and everyone who has ever had a mom will love their caffeinated cup, and your artists will be drawn to this mug’s elegant simplicity, style, and humor!

The design of the Mom Fuel Mug is tastefully simple, but it packs a wallop of humor and wit! On one side of the mug written in a script font are the words, “Mom Fuel.” This marvelous mug makes a perfect gift for the moms in life, and it’s a friendly nod to how difficult it is to be a great mom!

Because of the simplicity of the Mom Fuel Mug, artists of every skill level and age group will love to paint this magnificent mug. Kids will love to make it as a gift for their moms, and the artists will be able to paint this mug like an open canvas and put their own stamp of style onto the piece!