Pinch Me! Aromatherapy Therapy Dough


Pinch Me! Aromatherapy Therapy Dough

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Wherever you go - Just pack the dough! Pinch Me Therapy Dough helps reduce stress with tactile hand therapy.  Refocus - Rebalance - Restore - It's relaxation in a Pinch! 

Sun scent is a return to the restful, lazy days of summer. This tranquil fusion offers a subtle, fruity accord. Add a little brightness to your day with a simple twist of the cap. Get ready to shine on with Sun.

Size:  3.0 oz.

About Pinch Me Therapy Dough:

Pinch Me Therapy Dough is a squishable compound that's designed to channel relief through the senses naturally. This placating putty was developed using the proven scientific methodology of color and scent as they relate to relaxation-all in the convenience of a portable tin.  While it can't take away all that ails you, it can help get you back to center so you're able to face your stressors with the clarity that comes from renewed focus. 

Not a food. Do not eat.  Safe for ages 4+

Made in the U.S.A.