Front Porch Cafe- OBXOXO Blend

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Front Porch Cafe- OBXOXO Blend

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A special blend created exclusively for the OBXOXO Welcome Boxes!  Choose between 1/4lb, 1/2lb or 1lb bags, for just the right amount for your guest's stay.

At the Front Porch Cafe, they roast all of their coffees right in the Nags Head store. Utilizing a “micro roasting” process, artisan roasting each 15 kg (30 lb) batch individually before blending. Each unique coffee is slowly brought to it’s optimal roast point, insuring that the exquisite flavor is truly revealed.

Front Porch Coffees are sourced from all over the world. Offering over 20 unique single origin coffees, and a rich selection of House Blends and Decaffeinated coffees. Where ever possible, they seek out Organic, Fair Traded and Sustainable grown coffees. The age old model of commodity trading in coffee is broken. Small growers cannot stand up to the large corporate multinationals whose chief concern in sourcing coffee is price. Front Porch works directly with specialty importers who travel to origin in search of the highest green (unroasted) coffees available, trading directly with the grower or grower-cooperative. This trading practice insures that the farmer receives an above market price for his coffee helping his family and community to improve their quality of life. We  all benefit in receiving quality handpicked coffees, harvested at their optimal point

This item is part of the OBXOXO Welcome Box only.