A Love Haunting by Suzi Albacht
A Love Haunting by Suzi Albacht

Suzi Albracht

A Love Haunting by Suzi Albacht

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I’m just a guy who is crazy in love with his wife. Okay, technically, I’m dead and hanging out in a closet at the hospital, but I still love my alive wife. So yeah, this is my ghost love story.

Now I’ve got some awesome things rocking out in my new existence… like a cool dude skateboarding angel to teach me how to be a ghost, and some ghost friends from the 1800s who are fun. You could even say I live in a parallel universe to my alive life, but my heart is broken. I just need one last kiss from Emily or I’ll... Anyway, my ghost folks just discovered my secret desire and want to help, but will it be too dangerous?

This is a “laugh and then cry, and then laugh again” novel. Jordan’s story of love and loss is endearing and uplifting. You just might find your heart embracing the possibility of life after death. Enjoy reading about Jordan and his friends as they deal with the same dilemmas and fears as the living.

A Love Haunting is Book 1 in An OBX Haunting Series, also available: 

The Siren of Diamond Shoals

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