My Story

Born and raised in Virginia Beach, my family has owned a salt box in Kill Devil Hills since my inception.  The Outer Banks was our vacation spot, here and Snowshoe WV were where my most cherished memories were made.  Though I love the mountains, I do not love the cold and I simply can not fathom an existence further than 10 miles from the a move to the West was not in the cards for me.
I graduated High School in 1998 and immediately began working for a local franchise organization which was founded, the year before, by a friend from school.  It was a fun and fast moving company and I was in on the ground floor.  I spent almost 20 years at the same company, learning and growing in unison, 17 of those years in the Marketing Department.  That is until 2017, when we were bought out by a group of venture capitalists and the fate of my complacent existence began to quake... In the two years prior I had also lost my Mom and Grandma, each a year a part, to the dreaded C word and it really began to dawn on me that this life, it's not a dress rehearsal.
Even though I had allowed myself the comfort of staying in the same company for my entire adult life, I always had in the back of my mind known that I would one day own my own business.  In August of 2017, in the midst of the turmoil at work, I made a trip down to our cottage and scrolling through Facebook I saw that there was an art show going on in Rodanthe.  I loaded up my 7 month old sweet P and headed South.  It was there at the Island Art Show, hosted by Randi O'Sullivan, that I took my first step towards my dream!  Today Muse features 6 of the artists that I met that day, including Randi.
to be continued...