Welcome the Paradise 8x10 Print

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Welcome the Paradise 8x10 Print

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8x10 print of Keith Fisher's Welcome to Paradise painting!  The original is also available!

Be sure to grab a Sand Fence Frame to go with your new print!

Keith Fisher is a recent Outer Banks resident, originally from Virginia Beach Keith moved down after retiring from the Marine Corps.  To Keith, art is therapy, in recovering from a stroke a little over a year ago a passion for painting that he had almost forgotten reemerged.  He’s been dabbling in several mediums, from oil pastels to watercolor and acrylics to oil paints, Keith is finding his footing in the art world and quite gracefully.  He titled the print you received in your OBX Box, “Welcome to Paradise” and it’s hard to think of a better name than that! 

As many folks are not able to get to their happy place right now we are so pleased to be able to send a little sign of happier times to come! See what we did there….